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SPECIAL PROJECTS : Armoured Personnel Vehicle and WWII Halftrack

Over the years Main Road has been involved in many unique projects. Recently we have been fortunate to contribute to 2 very interesting projects:

Armoured Personnel Vehicle

We were requested to build a prototype armoured troop carrier for special operations teams. The vehicle was designed to be bomb proof. The chassis design incorporated either a 6 or 8 wheel variant. It was entirely made from 6 and 10mm stainless steel.

The chassis was designed to take different body layouts. The bodywork on the production vehicles will be an anti-ballistic composite. The prototype bodywork had to look and feel the same as production version, so we decided to manufacture the bodywork from 30mm thick Aluminium plate.

These photographs show the fully assembled bodywork of a fully enclosed troop carrying cabin.


WWII Half Track

During 2014, Steven Spielberg is producing a war film that is being shot in the UK. Main Road was given the task of producing some of props required for the shoot. We were first asked to build a replica “Tiger Tank”. Due to time restrictions we could only produce the cut and folded panel work.

However we did rebuild a genuine WWII German “Half Track”. These photos show the before and after.


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